My Story… Part Two

Okay, I am going to try & tackle this. Again I am not sure how much I will share, but I promise I will do my best. I am going to do this in reverse order starting with the most recent incident.

This occurrence was not physical, but took the form of verbal abuse. It happened with an ex that I was still friends with, at least that is what I thought. We were on a date & ended up alone in his car. As things were heating up he asked me to do something that in the end I felt was too far, so I told him no. After begging didn’t change my mind, he changed his tactics. He got angry with me and started accusing me of doing things with other guys, but refusing his advances. He yelled at me and called me ever nasty name you can imagine.  No one had ever talked to me that way, and I haven’t been spoken to that way since.

I am still very angry with myself over how I reacted that night. Instead of being a strong woman and slapping him across the face for the things he said, I fell apart. I collapsed into a pile of tears. I made my excuses for why I could not please him, though I certainly did not owe him any. Eventually he apologized, though I am sure he didn’t mean it, and took me home.

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~ by After Silence on August 27, 2009.

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