Victim Blaming

Originally posted at Learn.Love.Live.

Rape is the only crime in which the victim must prove his or her innocence.

There is an age old question:

Whose fault is it when someone is raped?

The answer:

Rape is always the fault of the rapist.

“In real life, however, rape victims are brutalized, ignored and harassed by the system that is designed to help them. They are traumatized, stigmatized or shamed for life if they are not killed during the attack.” p. 262 The Encyclopedia of Rape


~ by After Silence on August 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Victim Blaming”

  1. Everthing this guy reporter stated is irrelevant. Who cares if she didn’t go immdeiately and call someone. If she said “NO!” at anytime, doesn’t matter if it’s even during the middle of consentual sex and he didn’t stop; then that’s rape! I hate how majority of reporters and everyone else first question is “why didn’t they go report it right away?” ..makes me sick. If they’d educate themselves on the matter they’d understand. That’s my job to kids and young adults. How do we educate the media though… thanks for posting this!

  2. I agree with you completely, Jeremy.

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