I Am No Longer a Victim


I am no longer a Victim.
I have always hated that word!
I am now a Survivor.
The road from one to the other
Was a long journey,
Which has no end, only new beginnings.
A Victim lives in fear.
A Survivor endures.
A Victim is weak and powerless,
Paying for what was not her doing.
A Survivor has grown strong
Because she knows the price is not hers to pay.
The Sin is not hers to atone.
God will extract the price from the right person
On the day when no lie can be told.
So do not call me a Victim.
I have always hated that word.

by L.M.Courtney

~ by After Silence on September 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “I Am No Longer a Victim”

  1. Very Powerful

  2. Thank you for speaking and for being strong!

  3. ❤ you made me see things in a whole new/different view… thank you ❤
    i made a special glog including this picture and what i just have learned bout myself… love you all and thank you… hope you check it out!

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