Poem by Jen


The pains not in between my legs anymore
It’s when I close my eyes when I’m alone in my room
And I can’t tell anyone why
It’s the little girl or boy I
Bore to a man who knew not my name

Do you think I’ll go to hell for this?
Do I really want to go to a
Ruled by a God who lets little girls
Bleed because of older boys

He kissed me
Salty kisses of hatred
In places that should have been

Tore my clothes off
My soul being undressed
My shouts meaning nothing
Enticing him with every breath

I scrubbed for 2 hours
Later that day in a bath
My mom knocking and knocking on the door
Not noticing
I had lost my world

~by Jen

Originally posted at Surviving to Thriving.

~ by After Silence on September 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Poem by Jen”

  1. This breaks my heart, makes me want to scream, and then calls me to tears – for you, for myself, for so many others. And then it, no, you, invite me to a deep breath and gratitude – for your strength, your courage, your perseverance, your beauty.

  2. Thanks for sharing this gut-wrenching experience with us. Very moving!

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