The Mackenzie Phillips Incest Story

phillipsFirst off, I want to say that incest is never consensual. The dynamic a parent has with a child automatically gives that parent sway over the child, no matter what the age. I don’t care what others say, or what the victim may have convinced themselves – a person can never consent to sex with a parent.

Secondly, I am disgusted by the media coverage of this story. Why is the media so reluctant to call it what it was when it started – rape. She was blacked out, she could not give consent, no consent means it was rape. Flat out – no other word for it. I hate that they keep calling it a incestuous relationship. It wasn’t a relationship. They weren’t dating. He was using his power over his daughter to abuse her.

As far as believing her, I just don’t see why anyone would put themselves through that kind of scrutiny for something that they made up? It just makes no sense. I know she will make money off the book, but I just can’t believe that would benefit her enough to make up for being degraded like this in the media.

So there is the shortened version of my take on the story. Here are two great articles on this same subject: Rape Apologism and the Response to Mackenzie Phillips and Mackenzie Phillips Is Not Oversharing!


~ by After Silence on September 25, 2009.

One Response to “The Mackenzie Phillips Incest Story”

  1. Thanks for writing this post. Incest, abuse, exploitation–they’re never consensual, they’re not “affairs” and they’re not “relationships.” There is no such thing as an “incestuous affair,” which is what my local newspaper called it. An “affair” is a consensual relationship between two peers of equal power. Once there is a power imbalance involved, you can just forget about consent. The public and the media need to be educated about these issues and use more appropriate language to talk about them.

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